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incredible video wall gains a lot of attention from people. However Antonio Candreva Jersey , only people from the industry know how much technology goes into producing that ‘wow’ effect. Lets understand the technology behind this impressive advertising and marketing tool to get an idea on how all of it works.

Currently there are four main technologies that rule the operations and functions of video walls:

• Video-card based video wall controller

This technology is quite old and has been around for a long time. A personal computer is attached to the displays and every video output drives one display. This video wall controller comes with capture cards and software that is connected to multiple inputs and control outputs.

These hardware solutions have a fixed number of inputs and outputs. These are quite expensive. However, they offer a very high total resolution owing to the large number of graphic cards.

• Tile-matrix Scaler:

This one has a built-in daisy chain solution which lets the displays scale a single input source across the whole grid video wall. Tile matrix solutions are suited for video walls that don’t need very high resolution or more features like rotations Andrea Ranocchia Jersey , preset zones and simultaneous streaming of multiple videos. In the tile matrix approach you need a player to generate the HDMI port source. An HDMI video wall controller works the best for this kind of a video wall.

The content needs to be pre-split. Synchronization is maintained between the players as they communicate with each other or to a server during play time.

• Network-based video wall controller:

This technology incorporates the versatility and power of a traditional video wall controller along with having the scalability advantages of AV-over IP. A main computer captures and splits the content and sends it out to the displays.

Content management and delivery is done in real time. As opposed to the traditional controller, it has in-built distribution as well as unlimited scalability.

Whether it is HDMI or an LCD video wall controller Andrea Pinamonti Jersey , technology has two sides to it. There are many pros as well as cons. To choose the right solution for your business, you need to weigh both and choose the one that has pros outweighing the cons.

Businesses need to focus on implementing the right video wall solutions that are not only powerful and versatile but also easy on the pocket. Video wall solutions don’t come cheap but are an investment rather than expenditure. However Inter Milan Short Shirt , you need to choose the one that will last long and will need minimum maintenance.
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